If you always wanted to know how to or have problems with:


  • Scanning and printing documents

  • Using MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook)

  • Internet Security and Firewalls

  • Searching for information on the internet (Google, Yahoo)

  • Viewing and sharing photos (cloud & online storage)

  • Organizing files and folders (documents, music, photos)

  • Downloading, installing and using various programs and apps

  • Understanding and installing software updates and hardware upgrades

  • Online banking (as safe and secure as possible)

  • Sending and replying to email (attaching files or photos)

  • Using video messaging such as Skype and Facetime

  • Becoming familiar with social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin

We offer these and many more answers, lessons & tutorials based on what your need is. All this on our undivided attention in the privacy of your own home.



Private Computer Tutors Help Connect Family & Friends

A private computer tutor helps seniors learn how to use the necessary computer software programs to connect with family and friends. All private computer lessons are specific to the senior's individual needs. Let a Computer Tutor for Senior help you stay in touch with family and friends.


Private Computer Tutors Help Maintain Your Independence

There are a growing number of resources available online to help seniors maintain their independence. Private computer tutors evaluate the individual needs and abilities of their client, customize their computer to match these needs and help locate services to improve their independence.


Private Computer Tutors Help Explore Your Interests

Private computer lessons give seniors an opportunity to express their interests and needs in the relaxed setting of their own home. This undivided attention helps the private computer tutor to personalize the senior's computer lessons around those interests and suggest alternative ways to explore these interests using their computer.

Attention Technologically Challenged Seniors

Are you an older adult that feels technologically disadvantaged? Or know someone who is?

Do you want to learn how to use a technological device, but you've been putting it off because you don't have the time or energy to deal with it?

If you feel computers and technology are beyond your ability and you have no idea where to even start, Xentas Computer Services is here to help you.


We teach older adults and seniors every day, so we KNOW

  • you DO have what it takes to learn how to use a computer.
  • you will have a great deal of FUN learning through a surprisingly affordable series of private computer lessons.
  • You will AMAZE yourself by what you learn and how technology can help you.



Benefits of a Private Computer Tutor



Learning on your own computer provides a consistent learning environment. This allows your private computer tutor to fully customize your private computer lessons, computer settings and software programs to match your specifics needs and aid with any disabilities.



Private computer tutors bring flexibility into your schedule. You can choose the frequency of your personal computer lessons and eliminate any concerns of falling behind in class due to illness, travel or needing more time on a certain lesson.



Private computer tutors provide computer instruction for seniors & older adults free of competition. You are able to ask for help and questions during your private computer lesson without feeling intimidated by other students. The private computer lessons are personally specialized for seniors & older adults, allowing you to progress at your own pace.



Private Computer Tutors provide flexibility within their private computer lesson plans. This allows the private computer tutor the ability to troubleshoot and help with any computer problems or issues the seniors & older adults may be experiencing.

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